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How to Speak the Language of the Divine

For many years I kept trying to talk with God using the English language. God heard me but it was a very one-sided conversation. I kept thinking God was going to speak to me in that same language. I was limiting how God could speak back to me with my expectation of an answer to come as a fully formed statement in English. God does not know one language, It knows all languages. What I discovered, is that speaking with God is far easier than I thought and more varied than I thought. God was speaking to me all the time through the world around me and I had to start listening differently using all of my senses. I started to have a conversation with God not through words but through images, sound, smell, taste, texture, color, temperature, and, most importantly, feeling.

I learned that a conversation with God could involve all of my mind and all of my body. I can communicate with the Divine and listen to the Divine as a daily conversation in any moment. All I had to do was feel into the conversation and use all the parts of me, as a human being, to speak and listen. I am getting better at this every day and it takes practice. My limited human brain gets in the way and judges my ability to hear.

I have heard God’s guidance through an inner nudge to turn on the radio, through a butterfly that showed up out of nowhere in the most unlikely of places, through a friend who called that I have not heard from in years.

A conversation with God, is an ongoing, never-ending experience. It is life itself. Speaking with the Divine is something we are doing in every moment, with every breath, every thought and feeling. My limited human brain tends to think that communication is something that only happens when I pick up the phone, text someone, send an email, or speak words. My higher brain, that part of me that is consciousness itself, understands that life is an ongoing conversation and we are always communicating, good, bad, indifferent, and ugly. God is always present, always listening, always loving, and always saying YES to us. It is the energy beneath my thoughts and words and the feelings of those words that God listens to. This is why God loves laughter, intimacy, playfulness, and even sex. Yes, I said that, God loves sex! As with everything in life, when we engage in sex, with our selves or with another, if we do it from a place of connection, celebration, and Joy God is right there with us. We call forward the presence of the Divine, really our conscious recognition that it is there, because it is always there, when we engage with life itself with gusto.

The most powerful language God communicates with is Joy! The next time you decide to open a conversation with God, do it from a place of Joy. If Joy does not work, then try gratitude. I am not always the best at this as there are times I find it hard to be joyful, especially when I feel pain, sadness, or depression, but I have learned to trust Divine Right Action. Trusting in this allows me to be in gratitude, even in the dark times, because I know, and have faith, that all is unfolding perfectly in God’s order. What’s amazing though is that God loves all authentic emotion. When I am sad and I connect with God from that place of sadness, it sends me Humming Birds. When I am confused and I connect with God openly and honestly, God sends me a beautiful inspirational quote that lifts me up and gives me a different perspective.

Communicating with God is easy. What can be difficult is learning to listen and expanding how we listen.

Life itself is a conversation with God!

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