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The Jade Moment

Jade is a gem like no other. Perhaps most of us imagine jade to be green, but jade comes in many hues - red, violet, and white to name a few. The beauty and healing properties of jade have made it very desirable. Many wear jade, perhaps as much for beauty as for healing. Jade is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, and its very presence promotes harmony. It attracts friendship and good fortune.

Jade is associated with the heart area energy (chakra) of the body. It soothes and calms the mind, allowing the release of negative thoughts. Releasing those thoughts allows for new ones, some of which we hold onto because we like them. The new thoughts, just like those that came before, even the ones we named “negative”, are just thoughts when they enter consciousness. They can only become negative when we say they are.

Perhaps, a new thought enters my consciousness and I consider it to be “positive”. When the Thing that considers this thought to be positive is the Self that is who I Am, this thought simply is. Once the thought is recognized and accepted as reality, conscious manifestation follows; whether inspiration, dream, or “ahah” moment. Nothing limits or magnifies the effect now, for the thought is in motion. This is a jade moment, a transformational moment, a glimmer of Truth sandwiched between judgments I am poised to make at that moment, just waiting. If I judge this thought by calling it “bad” or “good”, the thought is on its way to manifesting what that judgment dictates. On the other hand, I can simply allow that thought to manifest because I already know immediately that this thought will honor my Truth. This is the “Jade Moment”.

I had a jade moment the other day. My spouse thought it would be the right time to get some jade jewelry so we headed down to Chinatown on that beautiful Saturday morning. We parked and walked down to the stores. There was one, in particular, we wanted to check out, but it was closed. So, we kept walking until we came to a large public plaza full of people celebrating something. When I saw the dragon, I remembered today was the Chinese New Year. Children were running around every which way, people were smiling and laughing. This was fun. Maybe the jade just drew us down here so we could have such a good time! We were just enjoying ourselves to no end, checking out different stores. No longer were we actively searching for jade; we were ok even if that jewelry was not revealing itself to us. Time to return to the car.

As we walked to our parking spot, I almost tripped while crossing the street. Lo and behold, looking up at me was a jade plant. Next was a part that had broken off and was just lying there on the sidewalk. That thought about the jade jewelry came back in my mind. As I contemplated that little offspring of the Mommy jade plant, a feeling passed through me. It was an “aha moment”, and it made me feel good. I carefully picked up the baby jade plant and we bonded immediately. I knew I was its caretaker, right then. I put the little baby Jade into a water bottle and coddled it as we drove home.

Once I got home, I kept that plant in the water bottle in a sunny spot in my backyard until it told me the time had come to plant it. Now, the plant didn’t actually speak any words to me; I simply felt something inside me and acted on it. That is, my mind was open and in receiving mode. There was no time that I judged any part of this process. Yes, of course, I was poised to judge, but because I knew I was being “directed” by Spirit. I just stayed in the “in-between” state of non-judgment.

The Thing that directed me is really hard to name, yet I knew what it was, deep in my Soul. When I simply allowed it to be, a jade moment was birthed. The Jade moment throbs with Joy and shines with a glow like the beautiful Light that it is when I just allow it to be. It does this with no direction on my part. I am simply a witness to it. I honor the moment, yet I do not judge it.

As directed by Spirit, I planted the Jade in the front yard of my home. Whether this is good or bad, I will never know or say. All I know is that the plant is now part of our garden and is growing. I simply know that the thought that my spouse had on that beautiful day is manifesting still into its yet-to-be, as the new jade plant continues to bless our home.

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