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The Power of Prayer in Challenging Times

The world is heating up. Extreme violence continues to spread in the form of wars, murders, pushback, and protests. People are chased from their homes and communities by forces they didn’t unleash, while innocent lives are stolen, and hostages are caught in the middle. Normalcy is suspended and people are unsettled.

Absorbing the trauma streaming through our global networks is challenging my belief systems. Stories I’ve heard about managing these bouts of collective dysfunction, regression, and suppression are coming back to me, suggesting ways of responding to the chaos now unfolding.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Mahatma Gandhi showed us a way to shift the balance of power to the side of equality and peace for all. He taught us how to confront racism, violence, and inequality with nonviolence and passive resistance. The people of India took heed and slowly but surely gained their independence as they united as one - marching at peaceful demonstrations, fasting, hunger strikes, work slowdowns, and prayer.

Another story tells of the dark days during World War II when evil and hatred spread throughout the world. Spiritual practitioners and groups from around the world banded together in prayers for global peace on certain days and times. On these days, at every hour, prayers for peace unified them all with others praying throughout the world. That war ended and I am grateful the practice continues to this day.

Finally, here in the United States, Martin Luther King Jr, like Ghandi, was a spiritual leader and prophet; he taught his followers to protest the inequality and racism rampant in this country non-violently, appealing to their better nature. Slowly a shift of awareness, action, and acceptance takes place in our country.

These stories suggest that acting in a unified manner in thought and prayer can make a difference in the outcome and change the world. This is an SOS right now for collective prayers of love and peace that can change the trajectory of the world around us. Putting our own needs and desires aside, we pray as a collective and unified voice for peace and an end to violence in any form.

As we pray for peace for all, the darkness and racial hatred are pushed back, letting love and light gain dominance in our collective identity. Uniting as one, we know that prayers and vision for love and peace are the way that will bring us through these periods of darkness and despair.

As Jesus, another prophet and advocate for love and peace and inherent goodness, told humanity over 2000 years ago, when two or more are gathered in his name there shall he be. The power and energy unleashed in this collective thought and action is that of Spirit reflecting the infinite nature of all beings, traveling at the speed of light around the world, assuring us that peace will ultimately prevail.

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