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Your fear, your judgment, your anxiety is your opportunity to love even more!

Recently I was at a meeting for a new chamber of commerce that’s being started in the Coachella Valley. I’ve been asked to join the chamber as it goes through it’s “birthing” process of taking a physical form and coming into the world. It’s been an amazing experience being part of something like this on a ground floor level.

In this meeting, the head of the chamber introduced us to a potential new member. As the meeting went on, it became clear to me that this person was a very outspoken supporter of a political viewpoint that I find myself to be the polar opposite of. He didn’t bat an eye, gotta love his confidence, when he exclaimed this for everyone at the meeting to take in. I think he enjoyed the shock value as the people in the meeting clearly didn’t share his values. My opinion of this person was that he was a double minority, Hispanic and gay. Yet, he supported political rhetoric and politicians that were historically anti-gay and anti-minority (anti-immigrant).

Every time he would speak, I found myself shocked at the incongruency between who he was and what he professed. And then, I heard a little voice in my heart whisper, “This is your opportunity to love more.” Right there, at the table, I took a deep breath, dropped my shoulders, and did my best to let go of all the opinions and separating thoughts that were spinning in my head. I truly believe that we need more love in the world and it is a primary tenet of my healing practice, that we need to LOVE the things that we believe to be causing us pain; from a tumor to a trauma, we have to stop being the victim to these pains, stop beating them up, stop making them wrong or bad if we are ever going to truly heal.

Wow! Did I struggle!

I was far from successful but by the time the meeting wrapped up, I had calmed my nerves and checked all those nasty judgments circulating in my thoughts. I saw that all these judgments and opinions were really based in fear and worry about my safety and my future well-being. So, here I am, a believer in LOVE, a believer in Oneness, that we are all connected and part of this Divine Consciousness, a person of Faith who speaks about healing, and I am confronted with this opportunity, sitting in this meeting, to make a choice and lean into what I think is Truth OR buy into the illusion of separation.

I said a silent prayer, took another deep breath, and chose love. I had to remind myself that acceptance doesn’t mean being a doormat. I reminded myself that choosing love doesn’t mean that I’m giving people permission to abuse me.

I know that when we love the pain, we create an opportunity for the pain to heal. In doing this, I’m not praying for him to “wake up”. I’m praying for me to be Free of this illusion of separation. I’m praying for clarity, Harmony, and Peace in my mind and my heart! I’m praying for myself, to not be triggered, to not be reactive, to not be in fear. I’m praying to Love more deeply. I’m praying for Grace to fill my thoughts and be felt within my body.

I’m praying to LOVE even more!

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