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Our Sacred Service Ministries are made possible by a growing team of loving and dedicated volunteers who faithfully provide their time and talent to Ahiah.  We are all born with God-given gifts and talents.   Along the way, we discover that we are continually blessed with new gifts and talents.  Sacred service is the selfless act of blessing others with gifts and talents as we glorify God. 

Whether you are blessed to have the gift of music, design, strength, communication, counting, presentation skills or more – we are grateful for all assistance that uplifts the Center; inspires the Community and demonstrates God’s generosity.

Even if you’d like to develop your skills in a particular ministry, there are always opportunities to give back in service.  Signing up to volunteer is easy, just fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form and someone will be in touch with you to coordinate your interests.


Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living actively supports our extended San Gabriel Valley Community in service.  Our Community Outreach Ministry has partnered with neighboring Community programs to encourage and provide regular on-going support and inspiration. Our services provide opportunities for the Ahiah congregants to give back; expand their compassion and generosity; engage with interactive, hands-on services; Share their God-given blessings; and participate in meaningful activities that improve the lives of those in more challenging living conditions.  These projects provide opportunities for Ahiah Volunteers to serve and grow through God’s grace.  Each program provides opportunities ways to serve the community and expand our own unique spiritual journeys.


In addition to providing volunteer support for neighboring community programs, Ahiah also partners with organizations to bring their unique services into our Center for the benefit of our members and the community.  We are always open to consider additional partnerships that expand our offerings to the community.

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