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Completion Affirmation

I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now.

I move forward by letting go of the past. I am grateful and happy for every experience because I appreciate my new direction in life.

Peace with the Divine

As we open to the truth of our Divine Unity, we begin to transform. In

knowing our oneness with other beings and our relation to all life, we are

able to embody more compassion.

Great Spirit flows through all things, all times and thus through every one of us. That which is lost such as health is found and that which is not real such as illness vanishes.

We feel a wave of Peace moving through our being, washing away all that is not needed and leaving only Good. As we relax into the Truth of our Good. We realize that it is Divine and we are enfolded within Divine. We can feel the rejuvenation of body and soul.

We do not need to understand this Peace, for it surpasses understanding. It just is. It is being. It is the root of our higher nature.

We give thanks for this and let go and let God.

And so it is! 

~Rev. Charles D. Rose


My Co-Creator

I am filled with joy knowing that I am never alone. Walking with me, sitting with me, standing beside me always is My Co-Creator.

I am unafraid when there is chaos or conflict because my Co-Creator divinely guides me to perfect action.

I am never weary for my Co-Creator supports me and gives me energy and sustenance even when I think I have none.

My Higher Power is my Co-Creator. Some call her Goddess, others call him God.

I simply say Great Spirit. That That Is, is with me always. I am that I am.

A vessel of love, of a vehicle for compassion in action.

And so it is! 

~Rev. Charles D. Rose

Going Smoothly

Each day I awake into awareness and affirm the truth of my Divine Unity. I am one with Great Spirit and everything unfolds in perfection.

Everything goes smoothly with perfect timing. I move in harmony with the universe and am divinely guided to perfect right action.

I have patience and understanding and know when it is time to work more intensely and time to rest.

I complete all projects in just the right amount of time.

At the end of the day, I rest and feel joy in all. I am that I am and from my being comes my action.

And so it is! 

~Rev. Charles D. Rose



Walk in Spirit

Within in every moment we are one with Great Spirit. We walk in spirit and Spirit expresses through us.

I am one with love, one with compassion and one with patience.

Every moment I choose to awaken to higher awareness and deeper understanding.

I am "wise as a serpent, yet loving as a dove." I walk the High Metaphysical Path and am able to observe the events of the day while remaining centered in the Divine.

I am compassion in action and wisdom in deed.

Walking in spirit, with Spirit expressing through me, I am encouraged and live joyfully.

And so it is! 

~Rev. Charles D. Rose

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