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Completion Prayer

I am surrounded by a Presence that is the Alpha and the Omega. It is the beginning and the end. I call this Presence God: The All-Knowing, Ever-Present and Ever-Lasting.

I trust in God. I am divinely guided and on a spiritual path where I am in ever-lasting commune with God. God is always with me and within me.

I have reached the cross-roads and in this moment, I accept that it is time to change directions. I turn to the right and aim to my God-Centered, true North. I release all conditions and situations that no longer serve me. I let it go and

give it to God. What may seem to have been an unending challenge is now loosed. I am confidently supported in this completion because I know that God has an inspiring plan that is just for me and me alone!

Even now, I sense the inspiration moving through my mind, my body and spirit. I am grateful for the rough patch I encountered. Because of the challenges I was faced with, I am able to accept what is and move forward to a renewed understanding of my highest and best.

As God closes one door, another opens. I am complete with my life lesson. I am complete with this prayer. I release my words to the Law of God, and let it be.

And So It Is.


Written By: Lava Bai, RScP

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