Grief Prayer

A prayer for comfort in times of grief

The Living Spirit is timeless. It is God, and God eternal. It is the Presence of Peace and Love and Completion. God is the Great Comforter, the Creator of all life in all things, all beings, all conditions.

So in this moment, I am calling forth the deep connection I have with the Presence of Peace. God's Peace and Love are with me in this moment. I am fully surrounded by God's comforting embrace.

In my sadness for this tremendous loss, I call upon the power of my good memories to support me through this path. I hold on to the strength of the inspirational times I was given. I am comforted knowing the blessing I was given was to be in the Presence of one of God's Divine Creations. This Divine Connection has been such a Light in my life and will continue to be. It is also timeless.

In the darkness, there are the stars to remind me that there is a lways light. In my sorrow, I affirm that my