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Healing Prayer

I am grateful to know that I am created out of the magnificence of the Divine Presence we so affectionately call God. With this awareness I decree and declare that all that God is, is mine by Divine Right so I claim my wholeness as a creation of Perfection. I am knowing that God has never made a mistake, so I know that there are no mistakes in God’s Divine Plan for my life. I know that contrary to appearances, wholeness is my Divine Birthright and I stand in this awareness through any seeming appearance to the contrary. I am God’s special and unique expression of Life and my personal I AM Presence is at work demonstrating Its Perfection, showing up as wholeness in my body temple. I am guided and directed to my highest good and perfect expression of life. Thank you God for this and more than words can ever say. This I declare to be so and so it is.

Alfajiri McDonald, RScP

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